World Heritage Day 2-4 June 2017: We celebrate "5 years Taut´s Home"!

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Dear guests,
To be honest, we have to admit that during the first rentals in 2012 we were a bit concerned, if all visitors would treat the original interiors with care. Luckily these concerns have completely diverged: Looking back on five years of accommodation rental we have met a lot of nice and interesting people, who really appreciate discovering all the little details. That is why we would like to thank all our guests for attention and friendship. Many of the former tenants chose a different season and returned. To celebrate our fifth birthday we offer all habitués a free copy of our recently issued architectural guide book. Apart from that, we organise a little program around this years World Heritage Day. From 2 to 4 June 2017 we offer two guided tours for different target audiences, a house concert, a small exhibition and a slideshow. For further information please check the links below or updates on our Facebook account.

Best - Katrin Lesser + Ben Buschfeld

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