Original interior colors

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Bruno Taut’s legendary love of color is a key feature of his architectural legacy. Early on, as Taut flirted with an artist’s career, he used colors to create elements of psychological, decorative and spatial design. For Taut, color played a dual role: it was a 'symbol of the new happiness' but also spread a folksy good cheer throughout the house, inside and out. Although Bruno Taut is called "Master of Colorful Architecture" and laid out four of Berlin’s six residential World Heritage sites, there is no other place where you can still see the original interior colors of a complete townhouse by Bruno Taut. So the wall, ceiling and floor paints used in Taut’s Home were examined and renewed in direct cooperation with cultural heritage specialists. Due to the unique nature of the project, the company Keimfarben agreed to sponsor, produce and deliver the exact shades of the mineral paints we used.

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