Housing reform and history of the Berlin Modernism Housing Estate

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Built in 1925-30, the Horseshoe Estate enjoys international renown as a milestone of modern urban housing. It was designed by architect Bruno Taut, municipal planning head and co-architect Martin Wagner, garden architect Leberecht Migge and Neukölln gardens director Ottokar Wagler. In 1986 the ensemble was placed under German heritage protection. On July 7, 2008, it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status with a number of other Berlin housing developments related to social building reforms – Carl Legien, Schiller Park, the White Town , the “garden city” of Falkenberg and Siemens City. To immerse yourself further about Berlin Modernist Estates, visit the exhibition cum café close to the central entrance of the horseshoe or have a look at our recently published architectural guide entitled "Bruno Tauts Hufeisensiedlung", which were both compiled by the landlords of Taut´s Home and provide a brief outlook about these other estates. What is more, we also offer special guided tours for our guests and provide a small library devoted to the estate and other key architectural highlights in Berlin Modernist style.

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