Nice environs and Britz manor house

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Only a few hundred meters from Taut’s Home and the famous Horseshoe Estate stands Schloss Britz, a handsome classicist building in leafy surrounds with a manor and farm converted for cultural events. In the one-time stables you’ll now find several fine restaurants, a music school and two museums devoted to cultural history and interior design. The manor’s interior has been restored to reflect the lifestyle of the Wilhelminian time, the late 19th-century boom of a newly-united Germany. Housed inside the manor, the Neukölln Museum is a captivating exhibition of local culture that draws on modern media and a collection of genuine items from the district and its inhabitants. The palace, adjoining museum, conference rooms and open-air stage are used for temporary exhibitions, concerts and cultural events. What’s more, there is a 1.8-acre park and pens with historic breeds of farm animals. Just a kilometer away, the former site of the federal garden show is maintained as Britzer Garten, a sprawling, delightfully varied park that is an attractive destination for garden lovers, young families and joggers all year ‘round.

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