World Heritage Trail to the Berlin Modernism Housing estates

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The Horseshoe Estate is the most prominent of six estates added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2008. Soon it will be part of a new visitor guiding system linked to other Modernist housing developments in Berlin. At the entrance to the horseshoe within walking distance from Taut’s Home, a museum and café on the historic ensemble is opened on the weekends and serves as the starting point for all tourist who want some information before they start their tour. Here you can have a nice cup of coffee and might visit the exhibition compiled by the landlords office. Getting around by public transport is comfortable and easy. What is more, you can rent your bike at us directly. And don't forget that Berlin is an alluring destination in autumn and winter, too. You can pick and choose not only from major museums, art galleries and private collections, but also dozens of theaters, opera houses and concert halls, not to mention all those clubs, restaurant and other sundry events. To inspire yourself, please see our selection of current events and our special recommendations for visitors. Within the Berlin-Brandenburg region, two other major World Heritage sites beckon nearby – Museum Island and Potsdam’s famous palaces and gardens. And the famous Bauhaus Dessau is only a day-trip away.

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