Terraced home and garden like in the 1920s

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"Light, air and sun" was a popular theme among European architecture and garden reformers during the 1920s. It was a sort of urban response to the small, oppressive workers’ quarters that were common at the turn of the century. This was especially true in Berlin. And this promising model was implemented rarely as well as in the "Horseshoe Estate," its streets lined with flowering trees and rows of terraced garden homes. Leaving the subway, on the corner you will immediately spot Taut’s Home, a distinctive, white building with clean, angular lines recalling the International Style (which emerged from Bauhaus Modernism in the aftermath of political changes during the 1930s). The large front yard of approximately 200 sqm has been restored according to the original blueprint with a small terrace, a number of fruit trees, lilac bushes and a hedge of wild roses. In spring, you can sit, smell the flowers and relax; in summer you might even unwind in the hammock or pick some fruit. But not only the garden is a charming place to sit. Inside, there are many spots to relax and experience one of the world’s most influential residential concepts. And when winter comes the best place to sit is close to the fireplace picking a good book ...

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