Architectural tours through Bruno Tauts Hufeisensiedlung in Berlin

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For guests, who stay a few time-travelling nights at we offer supplementary architectural walks through the Hufeisensiedlung (Horseshoe Estate). The listed ensemble, planned 1925-30, is certainly the most interesting of the six "Berlin Modernist Housing Estates" jointly declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2008. A topic on which the two landlords, Katrin Lesser and Ben Buschfeld have realised several exhibitions, lectures, own publications and complex funded communication projects. Our tours are offered in German and English. We will discover how Bruno Taut virtuosically transfers motifs from the garden city movement into the large housing estates of the late 1920s. Some visitors speak of Bauhaus-Style - but this is not a really adequate label, since Taut developed his very own signature and designed incredible four out of the six World Heritage estates. The two-hour tour is also offered to student and professional groups. We usually charge €180 (or €10 p.p.), but offer a reduced fee of just €70 for our guests. So you might already include a tour in your accommodation booking.*

(*) Due to several requests we would like to point out that booking a guided tour with us does not include visiting Tautes Heim. You can find out why this is so in the FAQ section. In cooperation with visitBerlin we also offer tours to other UNESCO-listed estates - all tours on request.

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