Booking architectural tours through Bruno Tauts Hufeisensiedlung in Berlin

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For our guests at we offer additional guided tours through the listed monument Hufeisensiedlung and the large housing estate Britz. So if you are staying at Taut´s Home and want to get some more details about the estates vivid history and the architects approach you can book a special architectural walk for a reduced rate of €50. The tour can be booked in German or English and focuses on the architectural, social and political history. We will discover how cleverly Bruno Taut used urban planning patterns, little details and his typical bold colors to combine elements of the garden city movement with the demands of large-scaled housing estates. As the chief architect of the GEHAG he was responsible for the design of four out of six estates listed as a UNESCO World heritage today and goes beyond typical patterns from well-known "Bauhaus design". The two landlords, Katrin und Ben, are both passionate about monument preservation. They have launched a number of heritage-specific projects and publications. Guided tours for official delegations, student or professional groups* might be arranged on request.

(*) In order to prevent misunderstandings, we like to state that booking a architectural tour with us, does not include a visit of Taut´s Home if you are not staying there overnight. Read more about this in the FAQ chapter.

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